Sonepur Mela

Sonepur Mela is the biggest cattle fair in Asia, first recorded in 300BC. A month long festival populated by farmers, traders, holy men and the many animals on sale. The British joined in during the colonial era, hosting polo matches and parties in it's midst, but it also provided cover to the rebellious forces of the Bihar Revolution in 1857.                  The rebels raised an army and purchased war horses and elephants while appearing to be merely attending the fair.

  The town of Sonepur is at the confluence of two holy rivers, the Ganges and the Gandak. Each year 100,000 people travel to the fair to take a dawn swim during Kartik Poornimar, the full moon in November.

Alongside traders selling everything from elephants to monkeys, attractions including fortune tellers, wall of death riders and the notorious dancing girl sideshows vie for the visitors attention.